Online Training Clinic

Online Training Clinic

  • Affordable Herbal Medicine Clinic
  • Consultations are taken by Heartwood students studying on the Professional Course, but each session and all treatment is overseen by an experienced qualified herbalist
  • Individualised treatment designed to suit you
  • All supervising herbal practitioners at the Heartwood online clinic hold a BSc/MSc degree or equivalent in Herbal Medicine, are members of the National Institute of Herbal Medicine and have between 20-35 years experience working with patients


Tuesday Clinic

  • Supervising herbal practitioner: Lara Jonasdottir BSc, MSc (Clin. Ed.) MNIMH

Wednesday Clinic

  • Supervising Herbal Practitioner: Martin Schoenbeck BSc (Hons) MNIMH

Thursday Clinic

  • Supervising Herbal Practitioner: Calder Bendle MNIMH
  • Supervising Herbal Practitioners: Hananja Brice-Ytsma MSc FNIMH and Nathalie Chidley MNIMH

Please see the booking form for available dates.


What happens during the Consultation?

Accessing the Online Training Clinic


Absolutely incredible service. I spoke with the student and practitioner who are wonderful people. I was able to freely chat about all my concerns and  not feel judged. These ladies allowed me to find hope, they encouraged  me and also to come away knowing I have support going forward was a  weight lifted.
Thank you so very much

My consultation was extremely thorough and professional. I would definitely recommend Heartwood.’

‘I found the process very supportive and all my questions were answered in a manner I could understand.’