Short Courses

Short Courses

An Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms

‘Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms’. This course is taught by bendle, an experienced herbalist, educator and forager who has developed a special interest in mushrooms, both in terms of their medicinal properties and for their own sake as living beings. The course is recommended for herbalists and for herbal students and for other practitioners who use herbal medicines in their practices.

In this course, which is made up of 16 videos (totalling 4.5 hours), each with accompanying slides as well as a final bibliography, you will be introduced to the identification of mushrooms and gain an overview of their pharmacology, before looking at particular species, including button mushrooms, Shiitake, Reishi and Artist’s Bracket, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Birch polypore and Lion’s mane. This is followed by case histories demonstrating the real world clinical application of medicinal mushrooms before processing and extraction is discussed. The content then explores Psilocybe species and Fly agaric before the course is rounded off with an exploration of how fungi can help restore damaged environments. 

All the materials are available to you when you start the course and you can work through the teaching material at your own pace. You will have access to the material for 3 months and can download the slides and bibliography.

Advanced Foundation Course – Thursday 11th January 2024

‘Downstairs with Anita and Mary’ – Function, Health and Herbal Support for the Human Genito-Urinary Systems

  • Led by Anita Ralph MSc, FNIMH and Mary Tassell, MSc, MNIMH.
  • An on-line four-month course looking at the genito-urinary system and common health issues surrounding this area. 
  • Included in the course will be an in depth look at anatomy and physiology, an introduction to seven herbal heroes, (not covered on the Foundation Course), tea tasting opportunities and plenty of self-help and kitchen pharmacy information.  
  • Two webinars will also be offered, as well as the use of an on-line forum where questions may be asked and information exchanged. 
  • The course has been designed for any student who has completed the Heartwood Foundation Course, or has previously studied herbal medicine elsewhere. The course is designed for those with some knowledge of herbal medicine but there’s no official entry criteria.
  • Study Time – 3-5 hours per week

Total cost of course – £395. This consists of a £95 enrolment fee and a £300 course fee. The £95 enrolment is to secure your place which is non-refundable and non-transferable. The course fee is £300 and payment is required in full prior to the start of the course, this is also non-refundable and non-transferable once accessed.

Anita and Mary would love to have the chance to meet some of you again, and to bring a bit of love and care to these often neglected but highly important areas of our bodies.

Enrolment – Spaces are limited and this course will be held by Anita and Mary once a year! Spaces will be allocated on a first come basis.